Fantasy Football

My Fantasy Football Starting #1 WR

Leading up to the beginning of the 2012 NFL regular season, I will be posting short blogs detailing each of the players on my fantasy football roster. Onward to victory, Green With Envy!

I have very high expectations for A.J. Green’s sophomore season.

It is a well-known fact amongst my peers that I covet Calvin Johnson, a 6’5 super freak athlete who can out jump and physically outmatch anyone who attempts to cover him. While A.J. Green isn’t quite Calvin Johnson, in essence he is a skinnier version who is displaying rapid improvement and adjustment to the professional level. As a rookie Green accrued over 1,000 receiving yards on 65 receptions and hauled in seven touchdowns. He additionally established an impressive rapport with fellow rookie quarterback Any Dalton, and the duo are now set to continue to improve their chemistry in 2012.

Green is fast, lean, and possesses mad jumping abilities that grant him an inherent advantage in one-on-one coverage. His 6’4 frame may be skinny, but his height allows him to easily elevate above the flailing arms of opposing cornerbacks to snatch balls out of the air. He also sports refined route running abilities and solid hands, making him a deadly deep threat and a constant focus of the opposing defense.

I drafted Green over several older and better established receivers because I believe he will post amazing statistics this year and will finish out the season as a top six wide receiver. He is the main pass catching threat in Cincinnati, a dynamic playmaker who can go up and get the ball and cause defensive backs to have headaches. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, I do love my super freak wide receivers.


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