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My Unhealthy Obsession: Mountain Dew Baja Blast

The most delicious/ disgusting beverage known to man.

I’m not a fan of traditional Mountain Dew. I consider it be the mainstream beverage industry equivalent of nuclear waste, a super artificial concoction that slowly melts my innards every time I drink it. It reportedly (and according to official research studies) lessens your overall sperm count, which or may not be beneficial to you in your current situation. Yet, as much as I detest and abhor traditional Mountain Dew, I have found myself indulging in weak-kneed worship of its blue cousin Baja Blast.

Why is this? I honestly am not quite sure. There is some oddly entrancing quality about Mountain Dew’s blue lime-flavored product, apparently it was chemically formulated and developed to serve as a nice complement to Taco Bell’s food. Taco Bell inked exclusive deals with Mountain Dew brand owner/ producer PepsiCo to ensure Baja Blast could only be featured/ sold within its massive chain of fast food outlets. I guess the exclusivity is also what makes it somewhat special (as special as a super artificial blue colored soft drink can be to a normal person).

Describing the taste of Baja Blast is difficult, as it really just seems like a mix of half a million chemicals alongside some cheap/ highly artificial limes. Yet for some bizarre reason it tastes absolutely amazing. The other day my friend and I were on the golf course, and I began to grow delirious due to the immense heat/ the fact my golf game was terrifyingly bad, and I found myself talking nonstop about my desire for Baja Blast. Once we finished, my friend and I headed to Taco Bell and picked up some food, along with one large Baja Blast for the each of us. It’s so good; I cannot even describe why I like it so much.

Regular Mountain Dew is gross, Code Red is even grosser, yet Baja Blast will always occupy a special place in my heart (for some bizarre reason).


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