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My Favorite Song from Cirque Du Soleil’s Iris

During the conceptualization and eventual development of their Los Angeles-based ode to cinematic history Iris, Cirque Du Soleil sought to bring a vintage Hollywood score to their new production. They ended up partnering with acclaimed and quirky composer Danny Elfman, a film scoring veteran of 20 + years known for his frequent collaborations with Tim Burton. Elfman penned the entire Iris soundtrack, injecting the world renowned Cirque brand with a fresh dosage of classic Hollywood blockbuster music.

My favorite track of Iris is called “Movie Studio,” a sweeping seven minute auditory odyssey that continues to evolve as it progresses. It contains a catchy thematic tune, complemented by Elfman’s trademark quirkiness and creativity. It rises and falls, incorporating a wealth of instruments throughout, quickly escalating from quiet and somber to classic Hollywood and back again. As its urgency gradually increases, “Movie Studio” begins to embody all the idiosyncrasies of a true big budget movie score, ringing out with wailing trumpets and screeching violins, creating a truly cinematic experience for viewers and listeners.

“Movie Studio” perfectly represents every aspect of vintage Hollywood, it’s flashy, catchy, memorable, and ultimately, can send chills down your spine.


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