Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football Hopes/Expectations for Week 1

Matthew Stafford will have to be doing a lot of this tomorrow for me to have even a slight hope of winning.

QB Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford torches the Rams’ weak secondary with deep balls to Calvin Johnson, short-medium passes to Titus Young or Nate Burleson, and uses Brandon Pettigrew as his safety blanket.

Projected Points: 25

RB DiAngelo Williams

Due to the fact Jonathan Stewart is currently reportedly nursing a nagging ankle injury, I am hopeful DiAngelo Williams receives the brunt of the offensive carries and is able to accumulate good yardage totals and at least one trip into the endzone.

Projected Points: Anything over 10 will suffice

RB Peyton Hillis

Jamaal Charles, as much as I love him as a player, is not a workhorse, and I’m counting on this fact to benefit Payton Hillis. Charles is also fragile and coming off ACL surgery, so I am faithful Hillis will receive a healthy share of the carries. And plus, let’s be real, if the Chiefs get the ball within the five yard line, they’re giving the pigskin to the 6’2 250 pound behemoth to pound it home.

Projected Points: 10

WR Percy Harvin

For the second half of last season, Percy Harvin was one of the most targeted wide receivers in the league. I’m really, really counting on that trend continuing, with him being Christian Ponder’s favorite passing option. Jacksonville possesses a weak secondary, so hopefully Harvin can utilize his immense speed to create some big plays and occupy the end zone at least once.

Projected Points: 14

WR A.J. Green

Yes, the Ravens have a notoriously tough defense, but A.J. Green is a premier talent who will make the big plays and haul in vital catches in clutch moments. Baltimore doesn’t field a true shutdown corner, and while Green will attract plenty of additional attention from the safeties, he is too good not to accrue some impressive statistics in this matchup.

Projected Points: 15

TE Jacob Tamme

All I want from Jacob Tamme is a touchdown. Peyton has shown he favors passing to stud route running Eric Decker or taking deep shots with super freak athlete Demaryius Thomas, I’m just crossing my fingers both those guys are covered and Peyton spots Tamme open in the end zone. I want to be more optimistic, but if Tamme can garner me six points, I’ll be more then content.

Projected Points: 6 (any extra would be much appreciated)

K Garret Hartley

Garret Hartley is a kicker, which inherently signifies his numbers vary depending on his team’s offensive performance. I am counting on the Saints offense bogging down on their opponent’s 30-40 yard line and Hartley being called in to put points on the board.

Projected Points: 9


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