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Kooza‘s “Innocent” is a sweepingly emotional and eternal piece of auditory bliss

Cirque Du Soleil’s surreal circus dreamscape known as Kooza has been touring the world since its inception in 2007. I was lucky enough to attend a performance here in Phoenix roughly a month ago, and found the show to be immensely enjoyable albeit a little too heavy on clown entertainment for my taste. Like the rest of their resident and traveling productions, Kooza’s soundtrack is played by a live band/orchestra creatively situated in the confines of the tent/ theater.

My favorite musical track of Kooza was the sweeping chorus and horn-based piece “Innocent,” a rollicking anthem of non-descript chanting and charged emotion.  The song contains a very ancient spiritual tone and feel, and reflects the dream-like reality of Kooza’s story.  The horn and human vocal chords are given center stage, rising and falling and echoing each other continuously throughout the song.

While I had literally no clue as to what the choir members were chanting (I believe it’s a fictional language), the lyrics contained a gracefully archaic quality, resembling some sort of dialect lost in time and space.  They ultimately are beautiful, and what makes the piece truly work and elevate it from a mere musical track to a work of art.


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