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Epic Endings: X-Men: First Class

In the concluding moments of X-Men: First Class, Erik has finally succumbed to his anger and hatred, and inadvertently relegates Charles to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Magneto, singlehandidly saving the wheelchair industry one newly crippled person at a time.

He then leaves with several mutants in tow, ready to lead the charge for mutant supremacy over the human race. Intent on rounding up as many mutant allies as possible, Erik effortlessly frees Betty Draper (okay, fine, Emma Frost played by January Jones) from her ultra-secure holding cell.

She thanks him, and then, attempting to remember his name, goes “Erik, right?” And he turns, looks right at the camera, and defiantly states “actually, I prefer…Magneto.”


And then the credits roll.

My initial reaction was a mix of complete awe and hatred for the stupid epicness of it all.   It is one of the greatest/ worst endings ever, but I cannot help but ultimately love it. The way he turns around and looks virtually right at the camera is priceless, and everyone knows what’s going to occur the second she asks for a clarification regarding his name.

The best part is how this newly accepted nickname completely represents his total shift into evil, because earlier, when Magneto was suggested as his moniker, Erik seemed to lightly brush it off as stupid and childish.

I can watch the ending over and over again. It will never get old, mainly because that final, conclusive statement clubs viewers over the head with its clichéd nature, suspense, and sheer epicness.


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