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Early Oscar Contenders: Anthony Hopkins vs. Daniel Day-Lewis

The Match Up

Two of cinema’s most celebrated and accomplished acting powerhouses are set to square-off.

In the left corner is the venerable Anthony Hopkins, a legendary actor with a noteworthy trophy case, best known for his skin-crawling depiction of serial killer/ cannibal Hannibal Lector.  He will be playing famous Hollywood director Alfred Hitchcock in Fox Searchlight Picture’s upcoming film Hitchcock.

In the right corner resides consummate professional Daniel-Day Lewis, who possesses a dynamic and enthralling acting skill-set that has helped him garner two Academy Awards for Best Actor for his portrayal of physically disabled Irish artist Christy Brown and ruthlessly ambitious oil man Daniel Plainview. Movie-goers will be able to witness Day-Lewis playing revered historical icon Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln.


After first entering show business in 1967, Hopkins quickly established himself as one of the most consistent, quality actors in cinema. With appearances in over 30 films, the Welsh-born performer has collected a bevy of industry awards, including the coveted Best Actor Academy Award for his unforgettable portrayal of Hannibal Lector. He is known for completely immersing himself in his roles, constantly rehearsing lines, fine-tuning accents, utterly devoted towards delivering a convincing performance.

Day-Lewis is the epitome of the reclusive method actor. He personally selects his roles, and has been known to disappear from the public view for years on end. Once he does agree to star in a picture however, he has consistently provided audiences with some of the most fully realized and memorable characters to ever set foot on the silver screen. His staggering and virtually ridiculous dedication to his roles has become legendary, and he apparently refuses to break character between takes. His intensive efforts have obviously paid off due to the two Best Actor Academy Awards (for My Left Foot and There Will Be Blood) he has claimed, along with a host of additional industry hardware.


Both actors look superb in their portrayals of their respective characters. Day-Lewis’s eerily perfect resemblance of Abe Lincoln is remarkable, and his perfection of Abe’s high-pitched, reedy voice  is very impressive. I have no doubt he threw all his emotional strength and fortitude into the role, and according to early reviews, his portrayal of Honest Abe is mesmerizing and a surefire Oscar winner.

While there has been no preliminary screening of Hitchcock to allow critics a full critique of Hopkins’ performance, judging from the trailer alone, Hopkins perfectly fills the shoes of the legendary cinematic guru. He is gruff yet charming, insightful yet stubborn, and his well-tailored accent is virtually identical to that of Hitchcock’s.

My Prediction

Both Day-Lewis and Hopkins are premier acting talents, and both performances will surely receive mass amounts of critical and mainstream praise. And yes, more then two actors will be up for the award, and it is a pretty surefire bet Joaquin Phoenix’s performance in The Master will garner awards nominations.

But I have to side with Day-Lewis playing Honest Abe.  

Day-Lewis brings a tremendous acting presence to every role, and his two Academy Awards speak for themselves. He will own every aspect of this role, and end up bringing home his 3rd Academy Award.


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