Awesome Advertising: Apple’s iPad Mini

This commercial for Apple’s newly released iPad Mini is ingenious because it perfectly embodies the tech powerhouse’s longstanding design emphasis on minimalism and elegant simplicity. Regardless of the specific technological line, Apple packages their components into sleek and aesthetically-pleasing shells/ cases, resulting in virtually immaculate product appearances.

Developed by renowned advertising mega-agency TBWA/ Media Arts Lab, this television spot features a classic Apple white background and two iPads, the normal full-sized version and its smaller counterpart. It begins centered on the normal iPad, and using Garageband, a nondescript hand begins playing the notes to Heart and Soul on the virtual keyboard. The camera then slowly pans to the right to reveal the smaller iPad Mini, from which another hand begins to play the song’s accompanying notes. There is zero dialogue and the whole spot consists of one steady camera shot.

The iPad Mini’s debut commercial is superb because it effectively expresses the essence of the product through 30-seconds of compelling and engaging action. This is a prime example of the age old adage “less is more,” and contains a certain level of enhanced significance unattainable by conventional advertising spots. Plus, it helps that Heart and Soul is a very catchy and memorable tune.


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