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Examining the Disney Entertainment Empire: ESPN

This is a  blog series dedicated towards examining the multi-faceted entertainment empire of the Walt Disney Company.

The iconic Walt Disney Company is one of the most celebrated and popular corporate entities on the planet. It is the brainchild and product of Walt Disney, a creative visionary whose pioneering work with cartoon animation eventually allowed him to expand his brand into the entertainment mediums of film, television, and theme park attractions.

The purpose of this recurring blog series is to provide a brief overview of each of Disney’s primary entertainment hubs and holdings.


Formed in 1797, ESPN is a dedicated sporting news cable network that broadcasts a wide array of sports-related programming. Accompanied by the slogan “The Worldwide Leader in Sports,” the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network contains sports news shows, documentaries, talk shows, and live televised coverage of various professional/ collegiate sporting events.

Their most prominent and established telecast is SportsCenter, a sports news show consisting of expert analysis/ commentary, highlights, and interviews. It recently celebrated airing 50,000 unique episodes.

ESPN’s visual trademark is a streamlined and fluid presentation style, which utilizes cutting-edge graphics and effects to produce aesthetically-appealing programming.

Additional ESPN original programming includes Around the Horn, PTI, First Take, ESPN 360, and E:60. The vast majority of their broadcasting is recorded from their headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut. They additionally have studios and offices in Seattle, New York City, Charlotte, Miami, and Los Angeles.

They have also established a virtually legendary reputation for their hilarious athlete-oriented commercial spots. 


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