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Disney-Lucasfilm Acquisition: YouTube Gold

A few weeks ago, the entertainment and pop culture world was rocked to its very core by the mind-blowing acquisition of Lucasfilm by the Walt Disney Company. Fan and media reaction ran the gamut from elated to completely outraged, as Disney continued its spending spree to acquire some of the entertainment industry’s most valuable hubs and companies. Some view the 4 billion dollar purchase as George Lucas officially selling out to the large evil corporations, while others believe Disney’s extensive influence, facilities, and capabilities will enable it to protect the Star Wars brand and preserve it for countless generations to enjoy. With three new Star Wars movies projected to be released in the coming years, the future of George Lucas’s culture redefining space saga is now firmly in Disney’s hands.

Regardless of your personal views, it’s undeniable the wealth of internet gold produced by this recent acquisition is simply off the charts. Here are some of my favorite web and entertainment videos pertaining to the recent Disney purchase of Lucasfilm.

Disney’s Star Wars Auditions

The product of comedy YouTube channel Screen Junkies, this very funny video features classic Disney characters ( Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, etc) auditioning for various roles in the Star Wars universe. Highlights include spazzy parrot Iago delivering his best R2-D2 impression, and Eyor reciting every line in the most chronically depressing tone on the planet. George Lucas’s terrifyingly dreadful dialogue is also on full-display.

Hitler Finds Out About Disney Buying Star Wars

There have been a bevy of video clips circulating around the internet dubbing the footage from 2004’s Downfall, a film chronicling the final days of Adolf Hitler. It’s not necessary to see the movie to understand the concept, all you really need to know is Hitler is angry beyond all possible belief. In this iteration of the video series, Hitler’s aids cautiously inform him of the recent Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm, to which Hitler promptly loses it and unleashes a flurry of profanities and launches into a tirade of epic proportions.  Just watch, it’s comedy gold.

Bonjour Star Wars

A new lyrical take on Beauty and the Beast‘s iconic opening song, YouTube comedy channel Comediva’s  music video features the characters of Star Wars’ and Disney’s iconic films interacting and singing along together in unison. It centers around Princess Leia reacting to and observing the traits of her new Disney family and slowly acknowledging they aren’t too different, complete with Jedi, lightsabers, countless Star Wars references, and Darth Vader force choking Mickey.   A large ensemble cast ensures all the famous characters are represented here, including  Han Solo, Yoda, Mickey Mouse, most of the Disney princesses, Aladdin, and C3PO. Captain America also makes a brief cameo as well.

Disney Princess Leia – Star Wars Disney Princess

Coming off their hilarious Disney princess hipster song, weekly musical YouTube channel AVbyte quickly responded to the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm with a new video depicting the Disney princesses welcoming Princess Leia to their family. After the warm greetings, they basically bestow their rapid-fire version of Disney Princess 101, of course, through the power of song. The lyrics are funny, the actresses possess some legitimate singing prowess, and Belle calls dibs on the Wookie, because she likes hairy men.


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