Awesome Advertising: Internet Explorer 9

Sleek. Entertaining. Streamlined. Innovative.

There are few cutting edge adjectives that cannot be applied to Microsoft’s insanely addicting commercial for Internet Explorer 9.

The TV spot seamlessly transitions from a cartoonish garden to jellyfish ocean shots, and then dives into a page featuring images and video from mega summer box-office hit The Avengers. It then showcases a stylish car revolving around and around (highlighted by tech specs). These visuals are inter-cut with praise from various noteworthy publications detailing Internet Explorer 9’s groundbreaking capabilities and beauty.

The tagline reads “welcome to a more beautiful web.”

The ridiculously catchy song is “Too Close” by singer songwriter Alex Care.

I love every single aspect of this commercial. It paints Internet Explorer 9 in a fresh new light, displaying it as a glorious reinvention of the longstanding Internet Explorer browser series. Even if the visuals weren’t so engaging, the song is very memorable, and I have friends who refer to it as “that Microsoft Internet Explorer commercial song” all the time.

This ad ultimately succeeds where it matters: enticing viewers to give Internet Explorer’s latest iteration a try. I’m sure as hell going to download it, and I have been an avid Google Chrome user for several years now.

This ingenious ad is the product of filmmaker and creative maestro Keith Rivers, who has additionally developed television spots for Coca-Cola, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Pepsi, and Chevrolet. His website can be viewed here.


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